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Minister Paradis announces Working Group at opening of EWB’s National Conference

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Lauching the first ever Engineer Change Lab

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Join us in Montreal, January 16-18, 2015

Each year, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) hosts Canada’s largest national conference for individuals and organizations committed to social change and international development. Our diverse membership is composed of students and professionals working in engineering, social sciences, business, and international development. (more about us)

The 2015 EWB National Conference brings these unique perspectives and backgrounds together to share knowledge, create conversation, and inspire action in a variety of sectors. (more about the conference)

This year, we are developing skills as change leaders, learning methods for co-creation, and applying them to the complex problems in 5 systems that we live and work in. (more about the schedule)

Join us, as we unite to unlock our collective potential to create lasting systemic change.

Over 3 days, we invite you to connect with our shared vision for social change. By bringing multiple perspectives into the same room we will co-create radically different ways of relating to each other and acting to ensure greater social justice in the systems we live and work in.


Partner Organizations and Companies

The National Conference provides an opportunity for our partners to:

  • Work together to develop and realize a shared vision
  • Engage staff and employees in an energetic and thought-provoking environment
  • Contribute to content development
  • Develop relationships and brand recognition with a Canada wide community of young change leaders

Please contact our partnership lead, Mark Abbott, for any questions or if your organization would like to pursue collaboration and/or partnership opportunities.

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