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Get To Know Your Hosts – A Snapshot Of EWB

  • EWB creates systemic innovations to address the deep biases that allow poverty to persist.  We are an international network of engaged citizens who invest in each other, so that we grow as systems change leaders and contribute to social change for our entire lives. We bring our collective talent and resources together to support ventures in Canada and Africa that have the potential to transform  the systems that create poverty. We bring our voices and critical thought together to advance policies and ideas that can resolve these biased systems at national and international scale.
  • We currently support 14 ventures. Our innovation efforts are channeled towards:
    • Making Engineering a more systemically aware profession;
    • Unlocking the potential of small business to deliver social value;
    • Enabling public services to be adaptive and responsive to their most vulnerable citizens;
    • Transforming the Canadian mining sector into a force for positive social impact in AfricaWe have also started exploring the role we could play in food systems, with an interest in linking local with global for sustainable food systems.
  • We work in Canada, and in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia
  • In Canada, the backbone of our community is 27 student chapters and 7 professional chapters. In Ghana, we are also partnered with leadership network organisations
  • EWB is a learning organization that has evolved dramatically since it was founded in 2000.  Here is a brief history of this evolution. We embrace a culture of openly and critically assessing our approaches to creating systems change, such that we are constantly becoming more effective. We are not dogmatic about the means, and rather focused on the ends.
  • EWB’s annual national conferences, like the one you are about to attend, have played a critical role in the evolution of the organization.  At this year’s conference, the organization will be challenging its members to develop their systems change leadership skills: i.e. gaining the awareness and learning that allow us to solve complex challenges together, across cultural and economic boundaries.  The topics we will be exploring will be those affected by EWB’s areas of work. We will be  extending the concept of our community to include ally organizations and individuals in a deep and meaningful way.
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