Joel Hilchey

McMaster University
Joel Hilchey

Joel Hilchey teaches sustainability at McMaster University, and he speaks at events across North America about leadership, success, and what holds people back. You’ll probably remember him as the speaker who plays with mousetraps, but his real skill is helping people change the world.

As a leadership expert, Joel is an author, educator, and the founder of the Beanstalk Project – a youth leadership development company. In the professional world, Joel is often hired as a keynote speaker on topics of personal leadership, learning, success, and creativity. Within education specifically, Joel helps students and teachers build creative, caring, successful communities.

With a master’s degree in environmental engineering, Joel is an experienced problem solver, but his career has been primarily as an educator, and he’s known for his hilarious, interactive, and memorable presentations. He has been instrumental in redesigning three courses at McMaster, a training program and guidebook to help organizations develop sustainability programs, and many other seminars and presentations on creativity and leadership.

He continues to be an in-demand educational consultant.You can find his illustrated book, The Time to Climb, watch his TEDx Talk, The Rise of Entitlementality, get his monthly article, and learn more at