Suzanne Fish

Engineers Without Borders Canada
Suzanne Fish_cropped

Suzanne is absolutely devoted to a life long journey of bringing together a diversity of people to disrupt systems of oppression and re-create a new kind of community. She began her journey of social change as a development worker, studying African Political Economies at the University of Toronto and working for various development organizations in Southern Africa. However, she was turned off the charity model of change that is so abundant in development work and began looking for alternative approaches to social change. After working at a wilderness therapy program for youth in conflict with the law and various other social change projects in Canada, she has become devoted to bringing together people from all ends of the globe and all walks of life to challenge our systems and find ways of working together to create something better for all! She currently works for Engineers Without Borders building a social change leadership program that aims to bring together a diversity of people as unexpected allies in change.